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Water purification - finally an affordable option

Those in a preppering mindset understand all too well the significance in being able to maintain a clean water supply. When disaster strikes, access to clean water will prove to be even more challenging to come by. A recent technological invention provides great excitement for its cost-effective ability to do just that. First, let’s take a quick overview at the ramifications of unclean water consumption.

According to, 3.4 million people die annually due to water-related diseases and contamination. Even greater numbers are without access to clean water, impacting dehydration and good health. Diarrhea is a common outcome of contaminated water consumption, thereby exacerbating dehydration and a domino of other diseases. It is said that one in three, accounting for 2.5 billion people worldwide, are without ample water, according to Studies well support that inadequate hygiene is a huge contributor to both, immunity and longevity. Global Water Partnership maintains that only 2.5% volume of a 1 million km3 worldwide water supply can be defined as fresh.

Chemist Dr. Terry Dankovich is the mind behind an innovative water purification operation. She has produced a book designed from filters that eliminates toxins from unclean water found in our natural environment. Studies show that greater than 99.9% of toxins are eliminated with the use of this filter. Silver nitrate is a primary vehicle behind this filter paper’s success. Each book offers the opportunity to maintain a clean water source for at least four (4) years.

The steps to clean water using this book are pretty straightforward:

1. Tear out a filter
2. Lay this into a custom box
3. Pour water overtop this filter to produce safe water.

Additionally, this water purification book offers education on safe drinking water while simultaneously providing clean water options. For more information, visit and learn about water purification solutions for your community.

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