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Water play in warming weather using items from Long Beach's Dollar Tree

Toddlers love to explore water and it's an easy and inexpensive way to play.
Toddlers love to explore water and it's an easy and inexpensive way to play.
Photo courtesy of Lakeshore Learning

As the temperature in southern California vacillates between toasty to cool to downright hot, look for fresh new ways to get your tot engaged in sensory activities.  And while the weather may not be warm enough yet for swimming pools and beach days, it is the perfect weather for water table play.

While many companies market and sell tables that are specifically designed for water (and sometimes even sand) play, making your own couldn't be easier.

Grab, and dump out the contents of, a large plastic tub or storage box.  Under the bed storage containers work great, since they're flat and wide.

Next, scour your house for interesting, unusual and waterproof objects, such as funnels, measuring cups or spoons, long plastic spoons or small colanders.  Pour handfuls of large floral pebbles, beads or plastic animals into your new water box and set your tot to play.  The perfect one-stop shop to find all things cheap and (mostly) preschooler durable is your local Dollar Tree store.

This can be a fun indoor activity (just spread a towel down first) or a relaxing outdoor activity (grab some shade or some sun!).  While your tot polishes rocks, measures and transfers water or creates his own little pond with the small toy animals, he's engaging in imaginative and sensory play.

Looking for tables specifically marketed as sand and water tables?  Check out Lakeshore Learning or Toys R Us for more information.

Feeling like you need to stock up on whisks, funnels and other cheap miscellaneous objects?  Visit your local Long Beach Dollar Tree location for endless opportunities!


  • Mark 5 years ago

    I always enjoy your articles. Very interesting and informative.

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