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Water for Monterey: Don't vote 'NO on O' until you know is a last minute effort to attempt to clarify the Yes or No on O issue -

Water is becoming a commodity, but it is supposed to be free...We are being charged for the transport of water, really, and considering how much we all use it for food and hygiene, production of produce and so on...This issue has become a powder keg - and one with little water to let all the nasty sub issues come out in the wash.

"If you own your own water, you have recourse. Instead of profit and competition, you have control." Says Felton resident, Glenn Lyons. The Cal Am threats are a scam according to the Felton FLOW (Friends of Locally Owned Water.)

(Monterey Herald 05/17/2014 05:45:54 PM)

Take a look at the Monterey Herald's most popular articles, and you will find several pros and cons to explore - even at the last minute we can turn the tides to make some reasonable decisions.

All I know is, when someone tries to flood me with slogans, covering every web page with advertisements to brainwash me, I become suspicious. I hear threats, which makes me uncomfortable with the advertised agenda. I also hear statistics that do not fully flesh out the facts. Monterey is not Felton, but we have a lot to learn from their experience.

As an American citizen, I don't like being threatened with disasters, flooded with propaganda and the use of the word, "we". Especially by a company that co opts the American name, even though they are not "American"...they are a corporation using the word America to fool you into thinking they care.

Are you willing to give up your water to a distant force that has no investment in our precious environment?

Who is the 'we' in these advertisements? Politicians and people who want to keep their jobs.

Their 'we' is not us. Not by a long shot. I don't know these people, and because of their over zealous campaign, I do not trust them. The name Cal American Water is really just a business name, and I am currently investigating exactly who owns a company that has no stake in the Monterey community, except to raise our rates every time there is a self created hiccup in the works.

You may decide otherwise. You may think of economics above history and policy. But do vote, so we can all move forward, and stop boiling ourselves in rhetoric.

Vote Tuesday, June 3rd...Take back your rights to our very own, very American way.

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