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Water can remember

Scientists like Masuro Emoto are finding out that water has amazing properties far beyond what we have yet realized. It has memory. Emoto and his team examined water, not for chemicals or minerals in suspension but for the shape of the water molecule crystals that are formed when frozen. It seems that water crystals, like snowflakes, are individually unique. After sampling water from many different locations and environments, Emoto discovered that humans have a direct effect on the crystallization of water.

Water can remember the vibrational fields it experiences.
Masuro Emoto

Emoto was unable to find a well-formed crystal from tap water and water from rivers and lakes near big cities, but bodies of water in remote areas had beautiful, harmonically formed water crystals. But that’s only half of the story. Emoto discovered that water can pick up information and absorb emotions. It seems to have some form of memory.

Emoto played music to his water. Classical music produced beautifully formed crystals while heavy metal music produced amorphous blobs.

In one experiment at the University of Stuttgart, four individuals were given the same water and under the microscope, the water molecules of each person were different. It was also discovered that when flower s were added to water, every drop was similar but different flowers produced different crystals.

It is believed that water flowing downstream is picking up information so it would contain more information at the mouth of the river than at the headwaters. With that in mind, Oceans may very well be s storehouse of information; a huge salty hard drive.

According to scientist David Sereda , on an interview on the radio show Coast to Coast, researchers all over the world are discovering that water has the ability to communicate and maybe even over any distance in the universe. When the big bang created hydrogen, water established itself everywhere in the universe and it seems to be some kind of unifying principle.

Emoto also discovered that violent t words, even the word “Hitler,” created chaos in the water while words like “Thank you “ and praying over the water seemed to harmonize the water into majestic crystals.

Water, the life-giving fluid that governs our planet, has memory and consciousness but there is plenty of mystery around how it works.

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