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Water bills create pressure

Water bills create pressure
Water bills create pressure
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Cincinnati area residents are feeling the pressure from recent water bill changes.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works recently communicated to its customers in some service areas that instead of receiving quarterly statements, monthly bills will be the norm.

While the cost of water is not increasing, the effect of this change can create a cash flow problem that is certainly unwelcome, particularly for those living paycheck to paycheck.

Whether your Cincinnati water bill is quarterly or monthly, there are some practical steps you can take to cut down on your water costs.

Install a rain barrel

Particularly in warmer months, water is used for outdoor work such as caring for a lawn or plants, tending a garden, or washing cars or patio furniture. Conserving water in a rain barrel and using it for these purposes is not only economically savvy, it’s also environmentally friendly. For information on installing a rain barrel, check out Project Groundwork’s Information on rain barrels.

Do an energy audit

You don’t need to be a professional to do a very informal energy audit of your home. Inspect any areas where water is used and check for repairs that need to be made. Examine pipes, faucets, toilets and sinks and listen and look for leaks. A small repair now can add up to a larger savings over the long haul.

Buy Energy-Star appliances

If you're shopping for new appliances, commit to buying an energy-efficient one. Whether it’s a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer, look for the Energy-Star logo. This seal of approval is your guarantee that an appliance uses less energy and can potentially cut your utility bill.

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