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Water before meals to help with weight loss

Drinking a large 8 oz to 16 oz glass of water twenty to thirty minutes before every meal will help you to eat a lot less and feel fuller longer. Water fills you up and aids in digestion.

Be Healthy drink more water
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Ideally drinking eight to ten 8oz bottles or glasses of water daily will help with weight loss and cravings. When you drink something other than water such as sodas and other sugary drinks it gives you cravings for more sugar. The more sugar you consume the more your body wants.

If you are trying to loose weight drinking more water will help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

If you start every morning with a bowl of fresh fruit and oatmeal, then eat a large green leafy salad for lunch, and a sensible supper you will start loosing the unwanted pounds faster.

If you want to kick start your weight loss even more and start a new healthy living life style for yourself, start waking about twenty or thirty minutes after your evening meal. Before you know it you’ll be slim and trim.

Have a family? Let the kids and your spouse in on the fun take them with you on your evening walk around your neighborhood , park or even the high school track. Include your family in whatever you decide to do and the whole family will get healthier.

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