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Watchnight celebration

Looking to the New Year
Looking to the New Year

The traditional watch-night celebration began in Black churches across the south, originating as “Freedom’s Eve” beginning December 31, 1862, awaiting President Lincoln’s issuing of freedom from slavery. At midnight on January 1, 1863 free and enslaved citizens gathered in churches, or in homes or in the fields, broke out in all night celebrations of joy at President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

The celebrations were attended by men, women and children, and consisted of prayers of thanks and praise to God for their freedom. They celebrated all day on the first with songs of praise, prayers of thanks and abundant feasts.

Many nationalities have joined the celebration of a new beginning and freedom in Christ on New Year’s Eve. Songs, joyful prayers preparing them for a new year, and celebrating God's caring for us through events of the past year.

Here are links to local Watchnight (December 31) Celebrations:

Tabernacle Community Baptist Church
2500 W. Medford Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53206
Click here for directions

For More Information call us: (414) 562-1129

Racine Evangelical Free Church - 2401 Ohio Street

Games, snacks and fellowship 7 p.m. until the new year!

Pray in the New Year at 10 p.m.


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