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Watching the news makes me sick to my stomach

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I am no ostrich.

Admiral Bull Halsey once said that the best way to meet adversity is head on. He advised his comrades that the best strategy in battle was to bring one's ship right next to his enemies, battling it out face to face. This same strategy seems to make perfect sense in our society today.

For our enemy is headline news!

Gone are the days when people kept what they did behind closed doors--in the bedroom--in the bedroom. Any sane person with a sense of history knows that homosexuality has been around since Adam and Eve's apple incident. Historical longevity, however, doesn't make it right. A humanity that shares in Cain's murderous propensity doesn't justify murder. Neither does the propensity for homosexuality. Michael Sam, a college football player yet to play one NFL game, 'came out of the closet' this week, and is already an accepted national celebrity.

Funny, isn't the NFL the same league, covered by the same news media, that drove a good Christian like Tim Tebow to unemployment?

Watching the Obama saga unfold is like watching a train loaded with your favorite family members and friends crash in slow motion--over and over again. Everything that is unfolding under his administration is detrimental to millions of American families, from Obamacare to unemployment, from numerous scandals to a lack of protection for traditional family values. Yet, this disaster of a President is treated with kid gloves. People, shackled by political correctness, dance, to every out of tune melody, this charlatan performs. Seemingly gone are the days when people were persecuted for having dark colored skin.

Now we have days when people get away with everything, to include murder, for having dark skin.

How many people need to be murdered before we admit that Radical Islam is a worldwide threat? When will we learn that legalized drug use is not the future of a bright and brilliant America? As our freedoms are under attack, will we bury our head like ostriches, or will we adopt the strategy of Admiral Bull Halsey--and fight back, face to face?

Don't turn on the news to find out. They're too busy being part of the problem.