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Watching Pokemon: Kids Enjoy This

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There are so many great television shows that have been on television over the last ten years, and one of those shows is Pokemon. There are not many shows out there that can actually attract the attention of both adults and children the way that Pokemon does. When Pokemon started, it came out with other shows that are similar in concept, which was the very popular gameplay element. This also introduced shows like Yu-GI-Oh! and Bakugan. If you are interested in television shows like this, you may be interested in watching Pokemon.

Why is Pokemon a good show to watch?

  • Funny characters

One of the nice things about Pokemon is that it is a light show with entertaining characters. They generally have the same main characters in each episode, with other characters being introduced and cut out along the way. The characters have a funny quality and their conversation is entertaining to watch!

  • Fun Pokemon

One of the biggest reasons you should watch Pokemon episodes is because of the Pokemon! If you like seeing gameplay or you are interested in playing any types of card based games like Pokemon, you should try giving the show a watch. There are so many different Pokemon introduced throughout the show, usually dedicated each episode to one or two new Pokemons that the group meets along their travels.

  • Great storyline

No matter what Pokemon you are watching, since there are a few different choices, you will be following a storyline, which is intriguing and keeps you wanting to watch to find out what will happen. You watch people age and you watch them also start to collect more Pokemon and make their existing ones stronger.

How can I catch up on episodes?

  • Try to find them on cable

Since Pokemon is a fairly popular show, many cable channels choose to rerun the episodes from time to time. The only downfall for this method is that you will often not be watching the episodes in any particular order, so you won't be able to follow the storyline.

  • Use Netflix or another paid service

If you pay for a streaming service like Netflix, you can always check to see if any of the different Pokemon seasons are available for streaming. There may be some, but you will most likely have a limited selection.

  • Use a free streaming website

If you have a good internet connection, you can find websites that allow you to stream episodes of Pokemon right to your computer! You can find the episodes listed in order so that you do not miss anything, and you don't have to worry about going and hunting them down!

If you enjoy watching Pokemon, or enjoy television shows that revolve around games, there is a good chance that you might enjoy taking a chance to watch Pokemon episodes. The storyline, characters, and gameplay all make for a great viewing experience for all ages to enjoy!