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Watching an American Robin

A side view of an American Robin in Appalachia.(Notice the white splotches around its eyes).
A side view of an American Robin in Appalachia.(Notice the white splotches around its eyes).
RDL Mills, 2012.

Bird watching is a fascinating way to spend time while in the mountains of Western North Carolina. An American Robin bird was recently spotted in this region.

A face view of this magnificent bird, this is an American Robin in Appalachia.
RDL Mills, 2012.

Many American Robin birds can be located here. Particularly one male was located near a group of trees in Hayesville, North Carolina inside the Nantahala National Forest. The reddish color of its breast indicates a robin, along with other characteristics.

An American robin enjoys eating earthworms, berries and even insects. They build their nests out of twigs, grass and mud. This bird can be located throughout the entire Appalachian region. It is a member of the thrush family, another bird of the thrush family includes the Eastern Bluebird, also found in Appalachia.

The eggs of an American Robin are often preyed upon by Blue Jays, American Crows and others. Reading past articles written on the Blue Jay and the American Crow will give more details about these birds and their habits. Please view and also Adult American Robins are preyed upon by snakes, hawks and other animals.

These birds are mostly active during the day. More information was gathered at, and this information detailed that the young of an American Robin bird fly within 12-14 days after hatching. Oftentimes the male American Robin will bring food to the young, while the female sits on the eggs.

An American Robin is a songbird, a beautiful bird of the thrush family. They build their nests in trees, and other places. These birds breed and produce eggs two to three times a year.

An American Robin is approximately 10 inches long, and is a sight to be seen throughout Appalachia, for all birdwatchers. Other birds, along with an American Robin bird are everywhere in Appalachia. Visit Appalachia and see an American Robin bird, this bird with its gray-brown upper parts, reddish breast and white splotches around its eyes. It’s something one will surely enjoy.

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