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Watching again the Redheaded Woodpecker in Appalachia

Watching the Redheaded Woodpecker in Appalachia.
Watching the Redheaded Woodpecker in Appalachia.
Mills, 2010.

Appalachia is alive with many species of birds. Particularly interesting is the Redheaded Woodpecker. The redheaded woodpecker is known for a beautiful red coloring on the head, neck and throat region. They also have dark colored wings with a white underside. This bird is worth watching.

A very interesting site to explore for the redheaded woodpecker is

Interesting enough the redheaded woodpecker can be heard before seen. They enjoy drilling holes in trees, and most live in dead tree enclosures. This worth knowing.

This woodpecker uses their bill to dig holes so to nest for laying eggs. A female redhead usually lays about 4 to 6 eggs, with two broods per nesting season. Further great information again can be found at

The redheaded woodpecker eat insects either by air or ground, they also eat seeds and plant life.

Given there are other types of woodpeckers with red coloring on the head, the redheaded woodpecker is often confused with the red-bellied woodpecker. Most often the best identification method is to notice the entirely red head of the bird. The redheaded woodpecker is the only woodpecker with a red head, neck and throat region.

These woodpeckers are considered in decline due to the removal of dead trees and agricultural developments. But the bird can be found by those who enjoy watching this great species.

Any bird watcher would fall in love with this beautiful bird. For more information about the redheaded woodpecker please visit Nothing could be more amazing than watching this spectacular bird in nature.

An interesting sidenote about woodpeckers, I was about two feet away from a pileated woodpecker, but I had no camera to take his picture with. The location was at a nearby park and the woodpecker was on a tree stump near the parking lot. This was a truly rare moment for both of us. Keep reading!


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