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Statistics on a growing trend: Watching your wife have sex with another man

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Why would one want to watch their wife have sex with another man? In 99% of the cases of wife sharing that is researched, it is the husband who had proposed the idea in the first place. Very rarely will you find a woman who chooses to take this route on her own. Although there are varied reasons why this is the case, I did plenty of research in an attempt to zero in to 3 major reasons why men would be interested in watching their wives have sexual intercourse with another man.

The porn mindset

Let’s face it; we live in a society where people are exposed to porn materials at an early stage of life – college and high school. Now instead of watching some anonymous porn actress in a blue movie, why not watch your beautiful wife in a real life setting instead? It is this thought that drives many a man to convince their wives to sleep with other men as they watch.

Sweetest taboo

Have you ever asked yourself why sex in college seemed sweeter than sex in your matrimonial bed? It is because of the thrill and uniqueness that comes with it. It is this “missing thrill” in marriages that couples seek to restore by taking part in wife-sharing events. According to a publication entitled “Today’s Alternative Marriage Styles: The Case of Swingers” by Dr. Curtis Bergstrand (Bellarmine University) 62.6% of couples found that wife-sharing improved their relationship as compared to 1.7% who said they became less happy.

Sexual orientation

Some men naturally like watching other men sleeping with women. In most cases, such habits are propelled by male bisexuality. In Goodman Hallie’s book “Happily Married Swingers”, narrates the story of Eric, a man who says that watching his wife (Janet) sleeping with a stripper for hire was an instant turn-on. The urge to share wives and watch them sleep with another man seems to be in the DNA of some men – in this context.

Online research showed a significant number of men who shared their wives on the following basis:

* To ensure that their wives were sexually satisfied

* Physical health issues that affect the man’s libido

* Financial reasons e.g. when a man allows his wife to sleep with another man for a fee

Benefits of Wife Sharing -It is part of our history and heritage

Wife sharing isn’t new. Some accounts of history show that wife sharing had gained immense popularity in the 60’s and 70’s as people started looking at it as a means of spicing up their love. However, due to some social norms that existed then, it had occasionally been associated with fringe aspects of society.

Happier marriages

Most people around America and the world at large find sharing their wives quite effective in livening up their marriage lives. According to the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality (Year 2000), nearly 2/3 of swingers are comfortable with what they do adding that they enjoy their partners more. Interestingly, these people who enjoy watching their wives make out with another man hardly ever jealous when doing so.

More trust

The same study by Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality also confirmed that men who share their wives are less likely to fear being cheated on. This is because the wife-sharing activities that they engage in are regulated with each other’s permission. In fact, most people find sharing better from an ethical perspective than cheating.

The society is gradually accepting it

The habit of wife-sharing has grown exponentially over the last 3 decades or so. Today, we have seen the emergence of globally recognition organizations whose main role is to coordinate facilitate hassle-free sharing of wives. Many websites that specialize in wife-sharing activities like SwingLifeStyle, are coming up some offering cruises, vacation events and cruises. With respect to this trend, it is crystal clear that wife sharing is no longer a taboo nowadays. It is a social habit that is more accepted everywhere nowadays.