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Watch what you say regardless of company you work for

Core Values Signpost Means Integrity Ethics Principals And Accountabilty
Core Values Signpost Means Integrity Ethics Principals And Accountabilty
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It is professional ethics to remember behavior matters regardless of where a person is employed. Remembering that statement will be helpful during your employment regardless of where you work because if not, the words you say just might come back to bite you IF negative. What could be more detrimental is if the wording you have said is against the company you work for, against a client you manage, or against a customer you have serviced. In the end, it does not matter the type of job you work the fact that does matter is you as the employee must mind your manners at all times and be on your best behavior because people are watching and what you say can and will go against you in a negative manner.

Everyone at some point in their lives has had a bad day at work. It's life. You can have a difficult day at work and it is okay but you also need to remember not to take those feelings out on the consumer. Just recently a waitress happens to fuss over an experience with a customer on of all places, online. What I found odd about this incident is why was it this waitress did not speak to her manager? The next question that came to mind was why is it or what is it that this waitress do to not for a good tip? I am not the manager of this business establishment and was not involved in the situation personally. With that being said, it would be a safe assumption to say the consumer did have logical reason not to leave a good tip.

Whatever the case, the waitress chose to go against company policy which in turn she lost her job. The company had the right to terminate her for not following their terms. In the end, companies ask all employees to follow specific rules and regulations. If they are not followed the employee will be spoken with and/or be terminated. That is how it goes with employment. Business owners have the right to expect certain goals to be met from those who work for them, period. On a final note, whenever something takes place in a company that has gotten under your skin before bringing that news to public attention (on Facebook for example) ask yourself this question; should I speak to my boss about this matter first before mentioning it to anyone else? If the answer you chose is yes then it is best to leave business issues at the hands of your manager to ensure your employment with the company.