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Watch what happens when these Spokane baristas start packing heat!

Street punks and stick up artists in Spokane, Washington better be thinking twice if they are planning to knock over the Jitterz Java. That’s because, Krystal Cogswell and some of the other baristas are packing heat and are ready and able to defend themselves against robbers, according to KXLY.

Baristas at coffee shop in Spokane, Wash are packing heat - photo credit -  WXLY
photo credit - WXLY

Over the past several weeks there has been a marked increase in robberies and the coffee shop has been hit three times by criminal thugs during that same period. Now according to the store owner Sara Chapel, she and the workers are not going to roll over and instead intend to fight back against the surging crime wave, reported Western Journalism.

The gun packing employees have created quite a stir in the town as they send a message to the criminally inclined street rovers, these pretty baristas are not timid about doling out some Smith & Wesson lead if they have to. “I would rather have it and need it, than need it and not have it,” stressed Krystal Cogswell, reported KXLY.

This is clearly the point that every Second Amendment supporter and legal gun owner has stressed over and over again. Cops may be five to ten minutes away, but street justice is only a click away for Krystal Cogswell and her .38 Special Lavender Lady secured to her hip.

So when you come into the Spokane Jitterz Java for a warm beverage make certain you have the right intentions. If not, there will be several sets of eyes and real heat waiting for you.

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