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Watch What Happens Live: Kenya Moore goes beyond candid with Andy Cohen

Kenya Moore sat down with Andy Cohen in a very candid interview on "Watch What Happens Live" to discuss her version of the altercation with Porsha Williams. Kenya was finally given the opportunity to speak without interruption and blather from her fellow cast mates.

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Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Kenya Moore
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Kenya has taken the heat for being the villain on "RHOA" and has appropriated most of the responsibility for the drama that has unfolded throughout the past two seasons. She pointed out that Bravo TV used one-sided “flashbacks” depicting Porsha as the victim, which in turn tempered the audience’s reaction unfairly. She felt the network did not even out the playing field to give an impartial depiction of both ladies allowing the audience to react, perhaps, more favorably toward her.

“To show flashbacks supporting that [Porsha being bullied], that tempered the audience’s reaction. That’s the truth. Now had you leveled the playing field; had you shown the flashbacks of her being aggressive toward me, you wouldn't have gotten the reaction you’d gotten; You stacked the deck of cards against me,” she asserts.

Kenya believed that Porsha had an ulterior motive to verbally attack her at the reunion and became violent toward her once things became too uncomfortable. Kenya says Porsha was definitely not bullied. She reminded Andy of a series of events where Porsha was not a victim, but the aggressor in many of their altercations.

The reality TV beauty spent a good portion of her one-on-one debunking all the rumors and allegations surrounding her motives to antagonize the cast members and to break up their tenuous friendships. She did not shy away from expressing her antipathy toward the nature of Andy’s questions. She made it abundantly clear she found the line of inquiring to be insulting to her character and asinine to even assume. Andy countered Kenya’s response by asking "why is it so hard for the audience to believe her and call into question everything she says and does".

Kenya replies, “I don’t think it’s necessarily that people don’t buy what I am saying. I think that there are people on this show who are hell-bent to make it seem that they can’t believe what I am saying.”

By the show’s end, Kenya had no apologies or any real regrets accept for bringing the props. Now that both sides of the story has been told, it is fair to say that the audience can deduce more clearly what happened and impartially choose for themselves whom and what they believe.

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