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Watch: Weather Channel's Jim Cantore takes down drunk kid

As cities in the southern parts of the United States were rendered practically paralyzed after a freak snow and ice storm came through yesterday, Tuesday, January 28, the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore was, as he always is, one of the first on the scene to live report.

However, as is the case with live reporting from time to time, passersby will decided to go for their fifteen minutes of fame and rush the reporter during the report. This is especially the case if you are a.) a somewhat famous reporter for a big station and b.) happen to be live reporting from a college campus and the students just learned their classes were cancelled.

Unfortunately for Cantore, his situation last night fit both those descriptions.

Unfortunately for the, presumably, intoxicated student at the College of Charleston who tried to rush Cantore last night, he seemed to forget that Cantore is a professional, and apparently an expert in karate as well.

You will have to watch the whole, now viral, video to get just how awesome Cantore's move was, and take in the weakness of the rushing man's effort, but it simply is poetry in motion. Like a pro, Cantore deflected the rusher with a swift kick, and went back to reporting like nothing had happened.

College kids, let this be a lesson: you do not want any part of "Storm Cantore".

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