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Watch: Tribute to Coen Brothers & Roger Deakins collaborations

There have been many well known Hollywood collaborations over the decades but none have accrued a body of work quite like that of writer/director team Joel and Ethan Coen and cinematographer Roger Deakins. The trio has worked together on 11 films over the past 23 years and has consistently created nothing short of cinematic brilliance.

Deakins’ partnership with the Coen Brothers dates all the way back to 1991 when the brothers enlisted him as the director of photography for their small, noir film, “Barton Fink.” With their followup film, “The Hudsucker Proxy,” a creative collaboration was etched in stone that would see the Coens calling upon Deakins for the bulk of their future filmography.

The Coen/Deakins collaboration has since produced some of the finest imagery ever committed to the big screen. From the unrelenting Minnesota winters photographed in “Fargo” to the sweaty Mississippi Depression-era fields in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?,” this trio’s ability to capture tone and setting is unmatched by their peers.

Take a look back at the some of their finest visual moments with this short tribute film entitled “Coen Brothers and Roger Deakins” with music by another longtime Coen collaborator, Carter Burwell. The stark, high-contrast photography of “The Man Who Wasn't There” and the breathtaking vastness of the landscape-based Westerns “True Grit” and “No Country for Old Men” will surely have fans ready to revisit some Coen Brothers’ classics.

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