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Watch top five 2014 Doritos Super Bowl commercials: Who will win $1 million?

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The five finalists in the 2014 Super Bowl Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" commercial contests are going viral on YouTube. (watch videos below)

One of the finalists' videos ("Finger Cleaner" "Time Machine" "Office Thief" "Breakroom Ostrich" or "Cowboy Kid") will be named this year's winner and its creator will be awarded a $1 million prize on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014.

Five 2014 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Finalists

"Finger Cleaner" was created by Thomas Noakes from Sydney, Australia. Noakes is the only non-American finalist in the competition. This video had almost 3 million views on YouTube as of January 30. Watch "Finger Cleaner" here.

"Time Machine" was created by Ryan Thomas Anderson. This is the first time Anderson has entered the Doritos contest but it's the first time he was picked as a finalist. This video had slightly over 1.2 million views as of January 30. Watch "Time Machine" here.

"Office Thief" was created by Chris Capel who was was laid off last year as a Dreamworks animator. This video had 1 million views as of January 30. Watch "Office Thief" here.

"Breakroom Ostrich" was created by Atlanta TV producer Eric Haviv. He told NBC 11 that it took eight hours of filming to get 15 seconds of ostrich footage. This video had almost 900K views as of January 30. Watch "Breakroom Ostrich" here.

"Cowboy Kid" was created by vocal coach Amber Gill. She told the Orange County Register that her two young sons inspired her to make the commercial. This video had 895K views as of January 30. Watch "Cowboy Kid" here.

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