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Watch this female Alabama football fan go off on an Oklahoma fan

Last night, Thursday, December 2, as the Oklahoma Sooners were capping off a stunning upset against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, a female Alabama fan decided to take her anger out on one, unfortunate, Sooners fan.

The video, which is going viral on social media and YouTube (301+ views), shows an irate Tide fan who, at first, appears to be simply chewing out a rowdy Oklahoma fan. It seemed like the situation would die down when the angry fan was escorted back to her seat by her, presumably, significant other, but when he turned his back for just a second, well, that's when the fun really began.

You have to watch the video to truly understand this fan's passion, but the opening dive by the woman, followed by the flurry of punches and kicks, shows this lady takes her Alabama football way too seriously. Otherwise, what, exactly, could this kid have said to make her go into full-on Chuck Norris mode?

By the way, hats off to the Sooners fan for keeping his cool in the face of pure, insolent, rage.

No word on what happened to the woman, as the video concluded before we could find out. But given the police and security officials that made a cameo at the end, safe to say she wasn't escorted back to her seat.

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