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Watch these 5 Shakespearean movies on Netflix to celebrate the Bard's birthday

If you haven't heard yet, today marks William Shakespeare's 450th birthday! His works are still quite popular if you ever been to the theater, scene a film, read a book, or anything nowadays then you've experienced Shakespeare. If you would like to celebrate his birth, and are a Netflix Subscriber, I've provided five Shakespearean movies that are currently on the site:

1. "Midsummer's Night Dream" (1996)

Adrian Noble directed this version of the Bard's play. The film adaptation also starred Lindsay Duncan, Alex Jennings, Desmond Barrit, and Finbar Lynch.

2. "Coriolanus" (2011)

Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes starred in this modern adaptation of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus." Fiennes also directed this 2011 feature film. Vanessa Redgrave, Jessica Chastain, and Brian Cox starred in the movie with Fiennes and Butler.

3. "Caesar Must Die" (2012)

Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani, two director brothers made this documentary that looks at inmates, who are staging a production of "Julius Caesar." The brother duo take their cameras inside Rome's Rebbibia Prison.

4. "Otello" (1986)

This version of Shakespeare's "Otello" has the great Placido Domingo as the lead. Franco Zeffirelli directed this production, which he's known for his Shakespearean films like his version of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Hamlet."

5. "Looking for Richard" (1996)

"Looking for Richard," is another documentary, this time the film follows Al Pacino (and others), while he is getting ready for the role of Richard III. The movie shows him discussing his research, about the New York's production, and fun fact Pacino directed the documentary too.

So tonight when you're looking to watch something watch one of these movies that celebrate Shakespeare's works! It is after all his birthday!

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