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Watch the State of the Union address live on YouTube

The 2014 State of the Union address will be broadcast live on YouTube on Jan. 28. Google is advertising this on their Jan. 28 Google Doodle leading up to tonight's speech. This is part of a continuing effort by the White House to engage citizens (and voters) on social media.

The State of the Union address will be broadcast live on YouTube
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The White House has set up more ways to engage social media users around this event. You can find that here on this White House website set up just for the State of the Union.

After the speech, there will be senior administration officials on social media to answer questions. You can access these chat opportunities on Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook using the tags #SOTU and #SOTUChat.

CNN's John King calls this State of the Union address a “defining test” for President Obama. His approval rating is riding low at 43%.

Income Inequality is one of the projected themes for tonight's speech. Those younger social media viewers may not immediately recognize these words as a term often used by socialists, revolutionaries, and men in tights.

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