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Watch the new film 'Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition' for free online

Big money in politics is something that is getting the attention of many Americans and many wonder if it will ever be stopped. Money is thrown around from left to right, but no more than from the right-wing Koch Brothers.

Protests in Florida
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As the 2014 mid term elections inch closer, many experts are predicting that Republicans will win even more seats in the House and possibly win control of the Senate. If Republicans are able to gain total control of Congress, President Obama will be even more handicapped to get legislation through then he is now. With the election around the corner, money is being pushed to buy politicians who will vote in favor of the special interests. A new film by Brave New Films has been released on free on YouTube exposing the tactics of the billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David.

The film, titled "Koch Brothers Exposed," was originally released in 2012 and has been revised for its 2014 release. Produced and complied by Robert Greenwald, "Koch Brothers Exposed" shows how Charles and David have spent billions of dollars not just in Washington, but also at the local level to continue to push their ideology, political views and agenda. The Kochs have called Greenwald “maliciously false and misleading," and even before the films release, they released a statement stating that the film was a "desperate attempt by an obscure video maker to make money off of the orchestrated partisan political attacks against Koch.”

The film alleges that the Koch brothers have pushed to gut the Social Security program by spending nearly $30 million to do so. In addition, the film also points out the Koch's plan to push for the Keystone XL pipeline that would be constructed from Canada and end in Texas where the brothers make much of their fortune. The film also accuses the Koch brothers of re-segregating North Carolina school districts and funding private colleges that would receive funding only if pro-Koch brothers professors were hired.

The film can be viewed on YouTube for free and by going to the official website for Brave New Films.

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