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Watch The Duck Premiers “Girlfriend” Music Video Feat T.I. Exclusively On Vevo

Watch The Duck Premiers “Girlfriend” Music Video Feat T.I. Exclusively On Vevo
Watch The Duck Premiers “Girlfriend” Music Video Feat T.I. Exclusively On Vevo

WatchTheDuck, known for their cutting edge, innovative and eclectic sound & style have kicked into high-gear with the release of their latest music video ‘Girlfriend’ featuring T.I. In the last place you would expect to find a Duck and the King of the South, the colorful musical trio at the forefront of a seismic cultural shift threw a wild and raucous party with homegrown rapper, T.I. and some guy’s girlfriend.

WatchTheDuck - “Girlfriend” ft. T.I. Video (Hustle Gang Remix):

Deep in the cut on the gritty streets of East Atlanta-behind a Mexican cantina and a neighborhood grocery store, WatchTheDuck threw one hell of a party, bringing to light a rarely televised scene in the ATL. An ever-evolving creative culture and no holds barred community of past-meets-future always-on visual artists, bands and innovators.

The three-piece powerhouse of WatchTheDuck, based out of Atlanta, have been catching buzz everywhere, fusing contrasting genres and electrifying the world with their psychedelic sound.

T.I. states, “Pharrell [Williams] turned me on to WatchTheDuck and I got it instantly. I heard their music and when I went and found ‘em I was expecting something different from what I found… I saw that it was actually like a collection of talents blended together where everyone had different attributes and different super powers. I was like oh this some shit that ain’t never been done before. Now let me figure out how to help make this make sense to the rest of the world.”

Grammy award-winning producer Tricky Stewart (Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Beiber) proclaims,

“From the moment that WatchTheDuck was sent to me from Dave Pensado [mixing engineer], three things came to mind - Unique, Special and Game Changing. One song is all it took for me to know that this wasn't something I was prepared to be on the wrong side of history for. That's why I took a relentless approach to signing them to RedZone.”

WatchTheDuck plans to release a string of cutting edge music videos this Summer 2014.