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Watch the Cowboy's play the Broncos 10-6-13

Watch the Cowboy's play on Sunday
Watch the Cowboy's play on Sunday

Cowboy fans get ready.

On Sunday October 6th the Dallas Cowboys will play host to the Denver Broncos at Cowboy Stadium.Get ready because this is going to be a good game.

If your significant other is a huge fan then he is going to be glued to the flat screen watching the game. If you love watching the game then this will be a great opportunity to spend some time together. If not then you need to find something to do to occupy your time.

For the ladies who are into the game what better way to connect then by making sure you and your guy have plenty of snacks. There are definitely some favorites so make sure you don't forget anything.

Also if you are going to have guests over to watch the game make sure you get him in on the clean up. This is a good way to make him a part of the prep team prior to your guests arrival and also when they leave. Depending on the outcome of the game will determine how the evening will end.

If the Cowboys win your significant other just may have some extra energy left after the house is clean. The two of you may take this opportunity to let off some of your stored up energy in the bedroom.

On the other hand if they loose he may not have any energy left at all. If this is the case then cuddling would be a good option. You can never go wrong just sitting and holding each other. No matter what happens make sure you turn the outcome of the game into a positive for your relationship.

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