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Watch the 2014 Boston Marathon in Wellesley Center

Wellesley Center
Camille Frame

For any supporters who are looking for a great spot to watch and support the marathon runners, consider Wellesley Center.

Continue to cheer on the runners who will just be coming through the screaming tunnel of encouragement from the ladies of Wellesley College.

In Wellesley Center on Marathon Monday supporters of the race can feed on personality and pizza at Old School Italian Pizzeria. The pizzeria is located in Wellesley Center at the half-marathon point.

The runners will be coming through on their emotional high after passing through the ovations from Wellesley College women and before they turn onto Route 16 and face the daunting Newton Hills. This is where the work begins for the runners, who until this point have been racing cautiously enjoying the mostly downhill journey from the starting line.

Joe Peroni, will have been working all morning serving his regular customers and marathon supporters on Marathon Monday in his family-owned hometown pizzeria. Joe is a big personality and engages his customers in his friendly New England manner. He’ll manage to make all who come in on marathon Monday welcome. The pizzeria is full of mostly 80’s memorabilia and some of the photos on the wall are personal, you’ll see some from his college days, and even one great photo of his father on the wall.

This Old School Italian Pizzeria will be one of a few stores open on Marathon Monday in Wellesley Center. Joe said he will be treating this year’s race as he has all others and is looking forward to a race that will close the chapter on last year’s tragedy.

He expects a larger crowd supporting the runners this year and will be serving specials all day to accommodate the supporters. He noted that all tips received that day will be treated as charitable donations and will go towards helping last year’s victims.

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