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Watch teaser trailer for 'Phantasm V: Ravager'

'Phantasm V: Ravager' movie poster
'Phantasm V: Ravager' movie poster

We reported on March 25, 2014, that 'Phantasm V: Ravager', the fifth sequel in the 'Phantasm' film series has been completed and further details would be forthcoming.

And on March 28, Entertainment Weekly put up a teaser trailer and gave more news on production details.

In addition to previously confirmed returning cast members Reggie Banister, Kat Lester and the 'Tall Man' himself Angus Scrimm, Michael Baldwin (who played main protagonist Mike) and Bill Thornbury (who plays Mike's brother Jody) will also be returning.

The most surprising news is that Don Coscarelli, who's directed and written all previous 'Phantasm' films, would be only producing. Directorial duties will fall to David Hartman, who previously did visual effects works on Coscarelli films 'Bubba Ho-Tep' and 'John Dies at the End.' The script was co-written by them both.

Coscarelli discussed the legacy of the series in the Entertainment Weekly article: “The Phantasm films have been a guerrilla operation for decades now, totally outside of the studio system...we do them for the fans, and I think Ravager will definitely please them. In the past few years several studios have made offers to remake Phantasm with large budgets, but the fans were very vocal that they wanted the original cast to return and finish this iteration of the story with class.”

Coscarelli also hinted that the film would give more details on the Tall Man's home planet, adding "“There are also some surprises thrown in that I promise will astonish long-time fans.”

Judging from the teaser trailer, it looks like all the familiar elements of the franchise remain; flying killer orbs, the Tall Man and his diminutive minions, and Jody's 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. But there are some new wrinkles; a character wearing a miners mask, and a giant metal orb that brings to mind 'rover' from 'The Prisoner.'

So take a look at the 'Phantasm Ravager' trailer and tells your thoughts? Are you excited for the first new 'Phantasm' film in 16 years?

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