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Watch ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’ promo trailer

Tuesday night we got the first real glimpse of the upcoming Supernatural spinoff, Supernatural: Bloodlines. The first promotional advertisement was released online on Entertainment Weekly at 7:51 p.m. PST, and within two hours dozens of versions of the trailer flooded YouTube in varying quality.

Dean Winchester searches out a nest of vamps
Supernatural - Facebook

Bloodlines’ pilot to be snuck into flagship Supernatural show.

The trailer is not for the actual spinoff itself, but rather, for the next episode of the flagship show Supernatural, which is slated to be an ‘embedded pilot’ for the spinoff. The episode, which will be called “Bloodlines”, airs on April 29, and will delve into the seedy underside of Chicago.

The premiss of the show, and thus the pilot: “various mafia-esque monster families that unknowingly to humans "run" the underbelly of Chicago and who are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who is trying to stop them and rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. And keeping true to that is the quote from the trailer is a line from Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, “What is this? Godfather with fangs?”

Supernatural: Bloodlines has not been signed yet, but fans can make sure that it is.

The spinoff is not a sure thing, however. The fate of Supernatural: Bloodlines depends largely on the fan response to the pilot. The CW, which puts an emphasis on social media interaction, will be looking to not only ratings, but to twitter and other online social media outlets to gauge the fans’ response.

In other words, if you tune in and like what you see, make sure to say so loud and clear on your social media site of choice, making sure to use the appropriate hashtags or hyperlinks so that The CW hears you loud and clear. You can follow the show on twitter here, or Facebook here.

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