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Watch President Obama State of the Union (SOTU) live stream online (videos)

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On Jan. 28, 2014, President Obama will address the nation with his first State of the Union (SOTU) address of the new year. You may watch the president speaking in live stream online from your computer, phone or mobile application here: Watch President Obama State of the Union address live streaming online.

While the president is expected to focus on creating a sense of optimism, most feel that the speech will be geared towards the midterm elections and rallying support for Democrats. Once the 2015 elections take place, there is no doubt that political focus will quickly shift to 2016 elections, reducing the president to lame duck status. Still, the president is expected to rally up as much enthusiasm for Obamacare and the sweeping health care law changes as he can possibly muster. The president has suffered from a dropping approval rate since Obamacare unveiled with a number of flaws and delays.

Other topics expected to be addressed include gun control, immigration reform, terrorism, and the economy. As the president’s polling numbers decline, citizens continue to remark on the current state of the nation and polarized views. The country may have never been as divided as it is today, and it is unclear whether the president will attempt to bridge these issues in tonight’s speech. In addition to the live stream, you may engage in interactive chat with other citizens throughout the speech.

Are you going to watch President Obama speak live during the State of the Union address?

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