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Watch out for the iPhone Moisture Sensor



  • Clint 6 years ago

    I've had my first iPhone sent to the shop and returned with the "moisture" message. And I know for a fact that my phone was never wet. I've had it in my pocket on a rainy day, and I have been sweating while it was in my pocket, but it has never been in water, and water has never been spilled on it.

  • Kris Cain 6 years ago

    I'm sorry to hear that Clint. It still really surprises me that they have not done more to help folks with this issue since it is so obvious that the sensors are too sensitive.

  • Brenda Green - Topeka Freethought Examiner 6 years ago

    That sucks. Subscribed and posted...return the professional courtesy?

  • Jessi 6 years ago

    This is good to know. We've been considering new phones lately...

  • John 6 years ago

    I just had the same experience where the apple genius bar person told me that my moisture sensor has been tripped. The problem is that my iphone has not been near any water. I've only had the phone for 2 month. If there is a class action suit, I'm in!

  • John 6 years ago

    Ok. So I googled what moisture sensor tripping would look like. Then I checked my phone and saw that both sensors do not look pink like the pictures. So did the "genius" lie to me to get me to pay them $199 for a replacement for an iphone that broke after 2 month? My actual problem is that the speaker does not work any more.

  • Kris Cain 6 years ago

    Really John? Wow! Which one did they tell you was tripped? If that is true I would certainly pay them another visit.

  • Kris Cain 6 years ago

    Brenda, thanks for the follow. I will search you out and follow. It would be so much easier if this commenting system worked more like a blog one so I could just click names. :)

  • Will 6 years ago

    Same Probem with IPod nano 16GB. Denied warranty on 5 month old looks like new product. Not in contact with liquid on it or submerged as they deny for Liquid Contact Indicator. Have had 6 Ipods over the years, 2 nanos and one Itouch. But latest Nano with this experience with Apple will Never Again trust a company like how Apple commits this larceny on their customers they have now and will not have in the future. Class Action lawsuit is happening now on Apple Liquid Contact Indicator filed April 2010 Dont buy Apple products.

  • Zachary 5 years ago

    I'm not shire if this is a moisture damage result but the touch screen is inaccurate so I'm going to the apple store today wish me luck hope there stupid censor isn't tripped

  • Haley 4 years ago

    I have the same thing!!! My phone just got one drop of rain on it and now all the sensors are triggered! My parents think that I'm lying and that i dropped it in the toilet or something!!! Thanks this article will probably get me my parents trust back! Thanks again!

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