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Watch Oscars or 'The Walking Dead'? ‘Still’ on live stream, TV schedules (video)

The talent for hosting the Oscars on Sunday night is great, but fans are putting faith in Daryl of “The Walking Dead” to keep fans tuning in. According to Christian Post on Saturday, actor Norman Reedus who portrays Daryl is “most proud” of this episode. The episode is in direct competition with the 2014 Academy Awards, leading many to the question of who will be the victor of the ratings war.

 the Walking Dead'sDaryl played by Norman Reedus
Photo by Christopher Polk

Episode 412 of "The Walking Dead" explores Daryl’s character and background and the developing love match between Daryl and Beth are seen more this week as Beth gives Daryl a spark of hope. Christian Post quoted Reedus explaining the hope concept:

“The character that Emily plays [Beth] is such a candle in the darkness for him [Daryl] and she brings that out in him again, she gives him hope in a way."

Hope may help save Daryl and Beth and bring them to reunite with Rick and others in the group. Fans can't wait to see why Beth was put in the trunk of a nearby car. Fans will just have to wait and see if the group can reunite. It will be interesting to see reactions of the rest of the group, if Daryl and Beth do become a solid partnership. TWD addicts can watch Sunday night’s “Still” episode with free live streaming video on the iDigitaltimes website.

Watch via cable or satellite the newest episode “Still” on AMC Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.

AMC’s website will have “Still” available the day after original airing. Other alternatives for delayed viewing are iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon prime.

Since live stream changes frequently, it is a good idea to have several sources. Additional live stream choices for tonight’s episode:

I Live : The Walking Dead

Reddit: List of live stream channels

Fansided: Recommends Amazon Instant Video

Check out the video clip of “Still” above and then tune in to watch the full episode on Sunday night. It seems there is a variety of ways to view the show and one thing is certain, all true TWD addicts will be watching walkers instead of Oscars.

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