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2014 Winter Olympics

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Watch Olympics Opening Ceremony live? TV, Live stream, online options for fans

Watch Olympics Opening Ceremony live?
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Olympics Opening Ceremony will have Team USA walking into the arena waving Old Glory. One of the proudest moments of the Olympic Games is the athletes marching together, but the 2014 Sochi Olympics ceremony is not going to be live on television in the United States. Due to the time delay and NBC’s decision to hold off sharing the moment until primetime, the chance to see the spectacle live will be difficult to watch in the United States. According to Bleacher Report on Monday, the Olympics Opening Ceremony rehearsals were over the weekend and the show is ready for the viewers.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony issue has fans wondering how they can see the moment live. With the BBC and CBC restricting access to American viewers, it means that serious Olympic fans will need to be craft to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony Live stream.

According to Forbes, there is a way to watch the ceremony that isn't illegal, but still offers live coverage. It’s not going to take more than a few keystrokes and a little determination to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony live. The reason that BBC and CBC can block access is because a computers IP address tells their system where the viewer lives. Masking that IP address is the key to watching live.

The easiest way to acquire access to live stream any of the Olympic events to watching is to use a VPN or virtual private network service. Often free and used frequently by users who want anonymous web browsing and have encrypted browser data, VPN is a service that is quick and will allow viewers to watch Olympic Games from any broadcasting company. There are services like Tunnel Bear that give a choice of IP addresses to fit into the criteria to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony live in other countries. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that the viewers will need to be flexible to watching it quite a bit earlier than an evening show on television.

Worst case scenario is that viewers watch the tape delayed version of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on NBC. Yes, there will be commercials and commentary, but fans can still see the largest USA Olympic team representing in Sochi ready to win the gold. Primetime doesn't require a VPN and can be seen conveniently after work.

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