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Watch new teaser trailer for suspense thriller 'The Guest'

On June 27, 2014, the Telegraph leaked a teaser trailer for upcoming thriller 'The Guest.' The film is written and directed by Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, previously known for horror entries like 'V/H/S' and the home invasion horror comedy 'You're Next.'

Dan Stevens stars in thriller 'The Guest'
Dan Stevens ('The Guest')

And like 'You're Next', 'The Guest' appears to prey on the same unease of a family's life being invaded, but under the false pretense of a good samaritan, named David Collins. Collins is played by former 'Downton Abbey' star Dan Stevens. Stevens' character goes to comfort the Peterson family on the loss of their son Caleb, who presumably died in combat in Afghanistan. But as the trailer insinuates, Steven's intentions may be less than noble, and their son may have come to harm's way under his hand.

But the family take him in their home with open arms, as he claims his intentions are to honor Caleb's wish to convey his love to his family, and he wishes to help with their grief. Once ensconced in their home, and staying in their son's room, things turn dark and deadly. A steady body count rises, and it's up to the family to come to terms with who their son's 'friend', truly is.

The film premiered last January at Sundance to good press, and looks like a dark suspense thriller worth checking out.

No official release date has been set, but a late summer or early fall release looks most likely. It's certainly one we look forward to reviewing, and seeing where Wingard and Barrett are headed next. 'You're Next' was a invigorating take on a well-worn horror sub-genre, and perhaps 'The Guest' will add new wrinkles to the thriller formula as well.

So check out the teaser trailer for 'The Guest' and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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