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Watch Neil Patrick Harris serenade 'Neuro SLEEP®' and get a free bottle!

Get ready for SLEEP® with Neil Patrick Harris. The How I Met Your Mother star is featured in a hilarious new ad for Neuro SLEEP®. The viral video shows the actor singing a love song to the sleeping aid and just before he takes a sip, he can be seen licking the bottle. If you're still not convinced at how great this product is by the commercial, thenyou can try it out for yourself and for free!

For a limited time only, Neuro SLEEP® is giving away coupons for a free bottle of the tasty sleeping aid.

The substance is said to help individuals sleep better and wake up feeling brand new. Neuro SLEEP® is a mixture of nutrients such as melatonin and magnesium.

Neuro SLEEP® is infused with nutrients that help promote sleep. Unlike some other sleeping aids on the market, it does not force the body to go to sleep, but it does aid in preparing the body for rest.

To get your coupon for a free bottle of Neuro SLEEP®, visit

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