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Watch Fla. school board member unleash an epic rant of utter gobbledygook

A televised school board meeting in Marion County, Florida ended with a bizarre five-minute rant from one of the members, whose strange declamation is now making headline news, reports The Daily Caller via Yahoo! News on Friday.

Republican Angie Boynton starts off by congratulating a fellow black board member (and herself) for being honored for Black History Month. She then turns serious, saying, “There is someone that is watching this television show tonight that would like me to respond to some questions for them.”

According to the Daily Caller, the “rich tapestry Boynton wove together in her crazy, five-minute soliloquy is all connected — in the fever swamps of her mind — by secret codes she deciphered over 10 years ago.”

Boynton, who holds the Vice Chair on the board, goes on to discuss bowing to Islam, the 9/11 terror attacks, her so-called “kidnapped” daughter, God, George and Jeb Bush, and her code breaking skills.

“I got your message, and I do believe that God is greater than any concern you sent to me,” she says. “I do believe if you look right now and get to the point where you can see that you don’t have my daughter hostage, that she is safe, and if you ever thought that you could maintain that stance in my life you would understand that God is greater and that the power of Him saved her.”

She then sets some background about her father being in the Marines and having brothers in the Army and Air Force, and that she “will never change,” but although she doesn’t want to offend anyone, “she cannot bow down to Islam.”

Boynton thanks those individuals that saved her daughter, but she says “to use this arena as a means to communicate I don’t find this to be anything pleasant…. I think it was quite rude to threaten me in any manner.”

Boynton, who was voted the 2009 Marion County Republican of the Year, says she has “prayed” and did “meet with Ahmed” but will walk away “from any conversation that is confrontational.”

We then get to hear about her endeavors as a cryptanalyst.

“I’m sure you’re out there looking and watching and thinking that this will take me down,” she says. “I did something, that I was not aware of that shocked you. I sent a message to, and this is way back, sometimes I think that even an autistic person can do what I did.”

Boynton says she sent messages to former President George W. Bush and his brother Jeb Bush about the September 11 terrorist attacks and her code-breaking skills.

“Breaking that code down… it was about 09/11… I’m not able to talk to anyone about it and the police are not able to come near me and they should continue their stance with that because I do have help and I am OK. But there was someone who wanted to hear something on TV so I hope I pleased you,” Boynton closes by saying.

Other school board members expressed concern over the usually quiet Boynton after her baffling oration.

“I am very concerned, and I don’t know what we can do,” board member Carol Ely told the Ocala Star-Banner. “I don’t understand why she chose to close the meeting like that.”

Boynton later said her daughter was never actually kidnapped. Media outlets are reporting that Boynton has made numerous bizarre 911 phone calls to the police about people inside her home and people watching her. Boynton has insisted that she is not mentally disturbed.

A WKMG TV crew asked Boynton about the nature of the obtuse threat against her and her daughter. "I can't say all of that," she answered. "I can't tell you all of that, but there was movement around my house, OK?"

"I'm not crazy. I am not on medication, I'm not under counseling. I know it sounds strange but I can't talk about it right now," Boynton said, her eyes wide.

When asked if she could still handle her position as a board member, she said yes: "I have been doing it for so long. I think there are others that can vouch in spite of any circumstance in my life, I fulfill my job."

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