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Watch - feel your heart melt as 4-year-old calls 911 with urgent emergency

With all of the harsh realities that literally stress emergency operators ranging from heart attacks to four alarm fires and worse, there are those special heartwarming moments when a call comes it that you can’t turn away.

Kid calls 911-for-math emergency help
photo credit - I-Village

According to Pet Flow there was such a call that came to an emergency operator from four-year old who was literally beside himself with an emergency that was stumping his little mind.

So when the little pre-schooler could no longer handle the emergency himself he did as he was taught and dialed 911 for the solution. The solution he needed was a math solution and his difficulty was with takeaways.

So even though his mom was not too excited about her child asking the emergency operator for help, see what you think about if you like how the 911 angel on the phone handled it and share!

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