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‘Watch Dogs’ Xbox One, ‘Driveclub’ and ‘Last Guardian’ E3 2014 details discussed

‘Driveclub’ on PS4
‘Driveclub’ on PS4
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

An insider has provided some details at several upcoming next-generation video games. According to a report from Gamepur on April 19, the individual behind the PS4 user interface leaks first confirmed that Sony Computer Entertainment is currently finalizing the details for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Furthermore, he also teased that the software lineup for E3 2014 is going to be “bonkers.”

A follower also asked if Sony Computer Entertainment will be showcasing “Driveclub” and “The Last Guardian.” The insider responded by saying that new gameplay footage is going to be shown off for the arcade racing game. Unfortunately, he did not comment about Team Ico’s project, which is rumored to be in development for Sony’s next-generation system.

“Driveclub” was announced as a launch game for the PS4. However, the exclusive title has been pushed back indefinitely. The departure of Col Rodgers, the game director, as well as recently layoffs at Evolution Studios caused some concerns from fans. However, Sony Computer Entertainment reassured that the project is progressing well and an official release date announcement should be made in the near future. You can find a screen from the upcoming title from the official “Driveclub” Facebook page with the photo to the top of this article.

Finally, the insider also provided information for the Xbox One version of “Watch Dogs.” He revealed that he “heard something” about the open-world action-adventure video game on Microsoft’s new console. He is unsure whether or not the cloud servers will be able to resolve the potential issue. A representative from Ubisoft previously confirmed that the PS4 iteration of the title will be running at 1080p while the Xbox One edition is rumored to support 900p.

“Watch Dogs” will be released for multiple systems such as the PS4 and Xbox One on May 27. The lone exception is the Wii U port, which is coming out later this fall. “Driveclub” should be coming out for Sony’s next-generation system sometime later this year. On the other hand, “The Last Guardian” still has no release window.