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Watch Dogs tidbits: No car customization, free-roam chat, side content & more

Excited for Watch Dogs?
Excited for Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs is quickly approaching its May 27th launch date and while we seem to have a lot of information about the game already, we have new details surrounding car customization, free-roam chat as well as the type of side content or activities you'll be able to engage in.

Ready for Watch Dogs?

Danny Belanger, who is the lead game designer, talked about how players will be able to collect cars during Watch Dogs and did confirm that players cannot customize them.

"We have an app called Car On Demand, so basically you can collect the cars by driving them or hacking people. [When] you steal their information, that gives you a list of a lot of cars in multiple categories: performance, speed, agile, bikes and things like that.

"Once you have that, you can buy them, access or order a car on demand anywhere. So basically we have that concept of collecting cars, you cannot customize them, but you can own them all. You can call them in during free-roam at anytime to use them in missions," Belanger said.

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin confirmed that players will be able to change their clothes in the game with a simple "yes."

Colin Graham, who is the animation director, elaborated further saying, "There's a ton of costumes. There's a huge amount of them. Every time I get a new version of the game, there's more costumes."

Players who are playing an online shooter can chat amongst themselves, so that poses the question for Watch Dogs. Will players who are free-roaming together be able to chat between each other?

"We haven't announced part of that, but that would be a yes," Belanger said.

Morin added, "We didn't announce free-roam, it came out because some journalist was really good at looking in the game. You guys are too aware (laughs)."

It's interesting that they haven't announced part of that feature yet because it makes one wonder if that means free-roam chat will encompass chatting across PS4 and PS3, along with Xbox One and Xbox 360.

If so, that could also imply multiplayer across those platforms and the odds of that happening are very low due to the technical differences between current and next-generation consoles.

While we have seen a few different examples of some side content players will be able to take part in, there is definitely a lot more we haven't seen. Belanger elaborated further on the type of side content we'll be seeing.

"They're all based on our core mechanics. We have a ton of driving missions, combat missions, other stealth or combat, there's criminal convoys, vigilante missions, crime detection and that's just naming a few. Even our collectibles will lead to missions," Belanger said.

He also confirmed that the game will have mini-games inside of it such as poker and chess, among others.

So what are some of the ideas, concepts and feelings that the development team has put into the multiplayer component of Watch Dogs? Morin talked about the beginning stages of hacking into another person's game and how you can leverage someone else's hacking abilities to your own benefit.

"There are two different perspectives to it. Being the one to go into another person's game, you can either profile people and you might find someone who is already observed by someone else, and through that access, you can use yours to then hack that guy.

"You then go into the other person's game, while the other person continues to play like nothing is happening. You show up, you follow and he has no idea you are there," Morin said.

Belanger elaborated by talking about the core concepts of the Watch Dogs multiplayer, and did say that it is not about killing the other player, it's about hacking and getting away with it.

"I think a good image is it's based on paranoia and surveillance. Someone can be in your game, trying to get something from you and you have to find them before they get it. [Paranoia] is really a feeling we want to try and give, it's not try and kill each other. He has to get something, then he has to get away, you have to to find him and you have all of these tools to help you find them

"It creates a lot of interesting advanced moves like creating a blackout to hide, jamming his phone before he catches you. You can use all of your tools, so it's a techno hide-and-seek. You can master it and that's the fun part," Belanger said.

Watch Dogs will launch for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this coming May 27th. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Game On.

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