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'Watch Dogs' shows what 'Grand Theft Auto 5' does not have (Photos)

"Watch Dogs" showed up at Wednesday night's PS4 press conference and showed the whole world why it stole the show last year at E3 2012.

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What do you think?
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The event that took place less than 36 hours ago showed off what "Watch Dogs" will be looking like when it is released most likely sometime later this year.

The demo that Ubisoft showed off displayed the technology that gamers will be able to witness on their new PS4. The tech performed well, even though it was a high-end PC. The visuals are still what people will see with the new system.

The game's world and environment was incredible looking with this game having shades of "Sleeping Dogs" in it, from the sense of the chase Pierce is on as the person he is after tries to runaway.

Using a cellphone to steal someones ATM pin number and then steal money from them via a nearby cash-out is brilliant. Everything "Watch Dogs" will be bringing seems like it could blow people away.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" developers have spoken about how they would like to do a futuristic type "GTA," well guess what, that game is already here in the form of "Watch Dogs."

And guess what? That game will be competing for consumer dollars this coming fall.

Futuristic doesn't need to mean flying cars and aliens, it can mean what "Watch Dogs" is. Cities controller by major technologies, where people can use their mobile device to pull up information about any soul they encounter.

"Watch Dogs" looks like it could be released later this year, and if in fact it is alongside the PS4 this November, "GTA V" could see a hit.

The fact is, people right now can't get their minds off of the PS4 and the games it will bring with it, and so do you think things will be settled down by the time September rolls around and there have been loads more games announced along with the Xbox 720?

People are going to be saving money for the next-generation. Now this doesn't mean "GTA 5" won't perform well, it just means they are going to lose business because they are so close to the next-generation debuts.

This is a once in a decade happening with the PS4, and do you think folks who can't just throw money around are going to be spending fringe money on "GTA V?" No they won't, they will be working to save for the PS4 and the next-generation of gaming.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" may turn out to be a game of the year candidate on current generation consoles, but "Watch Dogs" could be in the running for that title on the PS4.

Wouldn't things really get interesting if "GTA V" was ported as a launch title for the PS4 and Xbox 720? Wow, things would really get interesting between these two titles, not to mention the countless others that are coming as well.

What would you choose? "GTA V" or "Watch Dogs"?

For those who would like to view the "Watch Dogs" demo video from the PS4 event, it is available right below.


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