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Watch_Dogs Release Trailer

Ubisoft's much anticipated open-world, 'hack everything in sight in near-future Chicago' game Watch_Dogs is being released May 27th, and with it comes the release trailer, hinting at the story behind the games concept of a vigilante taking down a near-Orwellian style system by using it's features against it's creators.

The trailer, located here, open up with a dramatic car chase, much like what has been highlighted in many of the gameplay example trailers located on either YouTube or the home site for the game, It continues to on to a few blurbs from various gaming review sites highlighting the reviews, and then a quick glimpse of the protagonists main weapon in the game, his phone, as he hits execute on a program that causes the traffic lights ahead of him to change, helping him escape his pursuers. It then goes on to a narrative from the protagonist, Aiden Pearce, talking about how he saw something he wasn't supposed to and how it cost him someone important to him, and now he'd make 'them' pay. Standard fare for many stories throughout history, but it's not how the story begins anyone is interested in, it's how it ends and the journey it takes us on getting there that will make or break this game.

However, with the fact that it's gotten so much praise already, and Ubisoft Montreal deciding to hold off a few months from the original release date to make sure this game shined, we can expect big things from this game and it's following expansions (yes, they've already been confirmed, you can even buy a season pass to save on purchasing them down the line).

A full review of the game will come soon after the release of this game, after there has been time to play and explore all of Chicago's dirty secrets.

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