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'Watch Dogs' publisher responds to early reviews and posts embargo date

'Watch Dogs' screenshot
'Watch Dogs' screenshot
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

Ubisoft has responded to several potential early reviews in regards to the upcoming multiplatform video game, "Watch Dogs." According to a report from Gamepur on May 18, the early scores are fake as the company joking said that "hackers" were trying to penetrate their system. Instead, the legitimate reviews won't be coming out until May 27.

Publishers usually set embargo dates so that the press have enough time to play through and write up a review without the need to rush. Some fans also believed that the gag order is used to prevent any negative information. For example, low review scores could result in many customers cancelling their pre-orders.

Although it is one of the most anticipated games, especially on the PS4 and Xbox One, "Watch Dogs" is a completely new intellectual property. As a result, many customers are waiting to see the review scores before making a decision as to whether or not to purchase the product at launch. Unfortunately, they have to wait until the actual day of release to get legitimate reviews.

A few fans have already gotten a copy of the video game, however, as some retailers were apparently selling it more than a week before the official launch date. The lucky players also shared various screenshots, videos and live-streams of the their experience to curious onlookers. Despite the broken street date, Ubisoft appears to sticking to the original release date.

"Watch Dogs" is launching next week for the aforesaid PS4 and Xbox One next-generation system along with the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Ubisoft has several pre-order bonuses and special editions for the software product, which was originally due for a launch last holiday season before suffering a lengthy delay. The same company also recently confirmed that the Wii U port is still in development with a targeted release window for this fall season. The official Facebook page of the game features a screen that can be seen near the top of this article.