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'Watch Dogs' pre-loading, gold edition and 1.70 firmware details reveled for PS4

Gameplay from 'Watch Dogs'
Gameplay from 'Watch Dogs'
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced several details regarding the launch plans for the PS3 and PS4 versions of the upcoming multiplatform video game, "Watch Dogs." According to a report from MP1st on April 29, the console manufacturer confirmed that the software product can now be reserved from the Playstation Store. With the 1.70 system update on the PS4, the title can also be pre-loaded through the next-generation system.

As a result, the data files for "Watch Dogs" will be downloaded several days in advance of the official release date on the PS4. Players won't be able to boot the video game until the actual launch, however. Instead, a countdown timer should give an indicator at when the contents are going to unlocked.

The 1.70 firmware also added several other features for the PS4. Most of the new features are associated with being able to share and broadcast videos. Furthermore, the light bar of the Ducal Shock 4 controller can be dimmed down. Several users previous complained about the light being too bright, causing a glare on the television screen. You can find the full list of new features from the latest system update on the official European Playstation Blog.

Sony Computer Entertainment also revealed a gold edition for "Watch Dogs," which includes all of the following DLC packs from the digital deluxe edition: Breakthrough Pack, Club Justice Pack, Signature Shot Mission, The Palace Pack and White Hack Pack. The new contents should add an additional two hours to the gameplay. The season pass also gives access to all of the future expansions for the open-world action-adventure game. The gold edition is priced at $79.99, $10 more than the gold edition and $20 more than the standalone game.

"Watch Dogs" will be released for the Playstation platforms as well as the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 27. Wii U fans have to wait a little while longer, however, as the software product won't be launching for Nintendo's platform until later this year. A screen showcasing a gameplay sequence from the official Playstation Facebook page can be viewed with the picture added to the top of this article. You can order the new intellectual property from Amazon in the next link: “Watch Dogs.”