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'Watch Dogs' PC and PS4 graphics compared to 'inFamous Second Son'

'Watch Dogs' visuals
'Watch Dogs' visuals
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

The graphics for the PS4 version of "Watch Dogs" has been further discussed. According to a report from Gamepur on May 14, Jorge Cano recently got to play the open-world action-adventure video game on Sony's next-generation system. The publication found several graphical flaws with the software product, however, especially when compared to "inFamous Second Son."

In his Vandal preview article, Jorge Cano revealed that he was surprised at graphics of "Watch Dogs." The PS4 version apparently suffers from pop-up problems with cars and pedestrians suddenly appearing while a heavy fog effect is used to hide long distance objects. The animations, face modeling, vehicles physics and textures were also described as last-generation.

Jorge Cano also compared the new intellectual property to "inFamous Second Son," which was released for the PS4 in March. He believes that "Watch Dogs" does not looked it a next-generation game when put up against the newest entry into the "inFamous" series. Finally, he revealed that the PC version only looked a little better when compared to the PS4 iteration of "Watch Dogs."

The final product may end up looking better as the various Ubisoft teams could further optimized the graphics. Ubisoft did recently confirmed that the PS4 will only support a native resolution of 900p while the Xbox One iteration is only capable of 792p. The video game is going to run at 30 frames per for the two platforms. Ubisoft has insisted in the past that "Watch Dogs" has not been downgraded visually.

The software product is coming out later this month on May 27 for the PC, PS4, Xbox One as well as other consoles with the lone exception of the Wii U. Ubisoft had to delay the highly-anticipated video game, which was set to come out last Nov., as the company wanted to improved on its quality. You can check out the visuals of "Watch Dogs" with the screen from the official Ubisoft Twitter page near the top side of this article.