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'Watch Dogs' had more story added during delay, totals at 100 hours

Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated games of 2013 and it is now one of the most anticipated games of 2014. Luckily for gamers, there is almost no doubt that Watch Dogs will actually be released this year, since it has an official launch date for later this spring. A new report that surfaced Monday morning indicates that video game fans might have benefitted from the delay with new content inserted into Watch Dogs during the delay.

Watch Dogs added content during delay

The report cites Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin who confirms Watch Dogs’ story is about 35-40 hours long depending on how it is played. In order to complete all the activities made available in the open world game, it will take the average player about 100 hours. Considering Watch Dogs’ release date was delayed in order to polish up the open world experience it appears the company made the right call. Stories like Watch Dogs are known to complete in 15-20 hours on average, so Ubisoft took the time to make sure there is plenty of action in and around the virtual version of Chicago.

As is the case with a growing number of video games these days, Watch Dogs is not a game for the younger among us. At least some of the new Watch Dogs content appears to be of a graphic enough nature that the rating for the game went from a MA15+ to a R18+ by the Australian Classification Board. Polygon reports the Watch Dogs rating changed because at least some of the content that was added included implied sexual violence.

While implied sexual violence in a video game doesn’t exactly sound all that great, it doesn’t appear Watch Dogs has made this violence gratuitous. Rumors are circulating that some of the added content is that of a mission revolving around a human trafficking ring. If true, Watch Dogs might be offering more than the average video gamer is used to as far as realism goes.

Watch Dogs, following the story of Aidan Pierce was first set to launch last October but that date was moved back just weeks before it was set to debut. Watch Dogs isn’t you average everyday brawler and the game-play will likely even set it aside from titles like inFamous: Second Son in that regard.

Watchdogs might be similar to that story in that you are taking on a shady government but in this title you aren’t using super powers. Instead Watchdogs has you doing your good deeds for the people using hacking and surveillance tactics.

Watchdogs is hitting store shelves for the next-gen consoles, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC on May 27. A Watch Dogs version for the Wii U is due out sometime later.

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