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Watch_Dogs graphics "downgrade" criticized

Watch_Dogs has been downgraded
Watch_Dogs has been downgraded

Gamers are up in arms about the alleged graphics downgrade of Watch_Dogs.

When Ubisoft released some of the gameplay footage in 2012, the game looked as realistic as promised since it was a "next-gen" game. Fast-forward to 2014, Ubisoft showed some of the gameplay footage in it's latest trailer, and the graphics in the game don't look as sharp as it did nearly a couple of years ago.

There is a gif that make this comparison, and it is stark. In the first gif, the 2012 one looks incredibly detailed: The light shading is there, even the wind, and some raindrops accompany the game; the 2013 however looks plain and lifeless: no wind, no shade, it just looks flat.

Watch_Dogs's creative director, Robert Morin says:

“I think we’re delivering. Are we delivering the movie [style vision] of every single person on Earth who saw that? Probably not, that’s not possible. But are we delivering on this fantasy of being a hacker, controlling everything and approaching things in different ways – yes.”

Unfortunately, this is almost common practice. When the Mass Effect 3 London trailer launched, the graphics and character models looked fantastic, but the game itself did not appear this way. Same for Batman: Arkham City. But but trailers were not gameplay footages, they were “movie cuts.”

Watch_Dogs, on the other hand, gave the impression that it was going to be the game itself. It’s understandable on why the final cut of the game may not look ultrarealistic, but Ubisoft completely mislead the consumer that the game would look like this.

Some people say that the latest game footage might be for the consoles (even the next-gen ones), while the ultrarealistic one might be for the PC. Ubisoft so far has not clarified this. Only time will tell especially on May 27th when the game is released.

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