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'Watch Dogs' Digital Shadow page shows your online vulnerability

Do you know how vulnerable you are?
Do you know how vulnerable you are?

You post a photo of yourself and tag your friends. You write up a blurb about how you're feeling today or what your plans are. Do you ever wonder how vulnerable you are online when doing these things?

'Watch Dogs' has a new page out that is making people question their online interactions. It's called your "Digital Shadow", and it follows you everywhere.

Currently, you can log in with your Facebook account, and you can then see what others do. With just a click of a button, you can see exactly how vulnerable you are, and what your information might be worth to those with moral ambiguity.

Although 'Watch Dogs' is only a video game, the creation of this page makes a very valid point: everyone who uses a computer is vulnerable. Malicious viruses and malware such as the recently reported "Hearbleed Bug" are everywhere, and nobody is completely safe.

Other games that have themes of hacking and subterfuge include 'Ingress', that basically uses reality as a background for a virtual space overlayed on top of it. What separates 'Watch Dogs' is its theme of a constant surveillance element as well, and it's not too far off of the mark.

If you'd like to see how vulnerable 'Watch Dogs' thinks you are, head on over to the "Digital Shadow" page and try it out for yourself.

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