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‘Watch Dogs’ developer talks genre differences, PS4 and Xbox One resolutions

Screen from ‘Watch Dogs’
Screen from ‘Watch Dogs’
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

Several “Watch Dogs” elements have been discussed by Colin Graham. In an interview with Gaming Bolt on April 18, the animation director stated that the development team has not yet locked into a specific resolution when asked about the PS4, Xbox One and other versions of the software product. However, he also stated that Ubisoft will be making an announcement once the technical aspects of the video game have been finalized.

Lars Bonde may have already revealed the native resolution for “Watch Dogs” on the PS4. According to a report from CVG, the animation lead confirmed that the new intellectual property is going to run natively at 1080p on Sony’s next-generation system. A previous rumor also hinted that Ubisoft is using the 900p resolution for the Xbox One version.

Colin Graham also talked about what separates “Watch Dogs” from the other open-world action-adventure games. He believes that the large number of animations sets the upcoming title apart from similar software products. For example, around 8,000 movements have been created just for the main character and his enemies. Another 5,000 animations were used on the civilians in the virtual setting of Chicago. You can find the full details from the animation director below:

The biggest difference between Watch_Dogs and previous games in the genre is how much animation is dedicated to the living city. Civilians of Watch_Dogs Chicago have the greatest number of animations in our production. They can have occupational animations, conversations, interactions with the world and reactions to dynamic ingredients, a variety of reaction to various threats, and they come in a variety of sizes, attitudes with different clothing and props.

The ambitious animation system features may have been scaled down the game from a visual standpoint, however. Several fans believed that the one of the latest trailers for “Watch Dogs” do not look as good as the earlier videos, prompting some to think that the graphics have been downgraded. Ubisoft quickly denied that the visuals were scaled back, however.

Aside from the PS4 and Xbox One next-generation systems, “Watch Dogs” is also coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms on May 27. The delayed Wii U version won’t be coming out until later this fall. You can check out the visuals featuring the video game from the Ubisoft Facebook page with the screen embedded to the top side of this article.

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