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'Watch Dogs' dev on PS4 & Xbox One versions: Water not possible on past-gen

What do you think about this?
What do you think about this?

It's the question people always want to know when it comes to a game that is hitting the PS4, Xbox One and past-gen consoles, what is the difference? Well aside from the obvious visual contrast we will see, Ubisoft talked about some specifics that will certainly be different with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Watch Dogs.

Recently, Danny Belanger, who is the lead game designer on Watch Dogs, talked about whether or not Ubisoft had to make any sacrifices when it came to the current-gen versions of Watch Dogs, due to past-gen systems, and he mentioned that the water in the game isn't possible on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"It's not concessions, we're trying to do the exact same game. There are some differences though, obviously with more power, you can have a deeper simulation. A game like ours is great for that, being systemic with more and more cars, more variety in the people, more people, a stronger simulation.

"The water is definitely something that is not possible on [past]-gen, so that will be a difference, but for the rest it's the same experience, it's the same mechanics," Belanger said.

Water, more people, deeper variety and other elements such as those should enhance the immersion for players. Ubisoft has talked about how players will be extremely hard-pressed to find the same AI throughout the city of Watch Dogs. What we mean by that is the same bio and information. Ubisoft has said since they are all systemic and random, they'd be very impressed if someone found a duplicate bio.

When we look at the total package for Watch Dogs, immersion, depth, variety and fun are all things we can't help but think of. Skepticism is always something that comes with a cross-generation game, but from what we've seen from Watch Dogs on PS4 thus far, Ubisoft seems to have the very best in store for current-gen owners.

Thanks, GRTV.

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