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Watch Dogs creative director on PS4 & Xbox One: 'It's no longer about graphics'

How excited for Watch Dogs are you?
How excited for Watch Dogs are you?

The next-generation of games that have come to the PS4 and Xbox One have impressed with improved graphics, but no one can deny the impact of the connectivity and share-ability of the two systems since they launched back in November of 2013.

Recently, Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin was speaking about the next-generation of games and stated that games are defining themselves as next-gen through their sharing potential, not so much graphics anymore.

"I’ve always said that the next generation of gaming would be defined by the players’ behavior. It’s no longer about graphics, it’s about the social media phenomenon," Morin said.

Now before people start lighting up their torches and opening diatribes about Watch Dogs' graphics, the man has a point. The PS4 and Xbox One have really empowered people to share their gameplay experiences more than ever before.

Graphics will always be a point of interest and concern for consumers, but to the Watch Dogs creative director's point, sharing gameplay and screenshots is one of the immediate innovations we've seen from the PS4 and Xbox One so far.

Visuals will surely become more advanced, the more developers have a chance to work with the PS4 and Xbox One, and it won't hurt to stop bringing games to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Watch Dogs will have its chance to show what it can do on the two next-generation systems when it launches this May 27th.

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