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‘Watch Dogs’ creative director on Aiden Pierce: He ‘was born as a genius’

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

Watch Dogs” protagonist / anti-hero Aiden Pierce is not an “every man” that somehow ends up with a special tool or unique abilities. Ubisoft Game Director Jonathan Morin explained in an interview with Examiner that he’s a deadly combination of genius and knowing how to work people.

“Aiden was born as a genius, he’s a guy that knows how to explore computers and all of that,” Morin said. “There’s a certain trait about people who develop those skills, and it’s they seem to get together a bit.

“So some friends are questionable and others are not. He ended up becoming friends with a guy named Damien, who appears briefly at the intro of the game,” as a bit of background on Pearce’s life. “It’s a scam, [Aiden’s] dad was away and he wanted to become the provider for the family to use what he knew the best to push those things forward. Scams became bigger and bigger until they got out of hand, which created problems between him and Damien.”

“That’s something that’s going to be explored a lot as we move forward. Maybe the one thing people don’t know is when you have a hacker doing something in the real-world, there’s almost always a combination of hacking and social engineering skills needed. Aiden has a lot of that too,” he continued.

“He’s a good mix of I know how computers work, he’s been taught by Damien, but at heart [Aiden is] a guy that’s very good on the field and very good with people, so he can read them really well. All of that creates a pretty dangerous combination.”

"Watch Dogs" will land on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC worldwide on May 27. A Wii U release has been pushed back to later this year.

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