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'Watch Dogs' couldn't be more relevant to modern-day society, says Ubisoft

Ready for some Watch Dogs?
Ready for some Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs will be a modern-day open-world game that many, many Ubisoft fans have been waiting for, but it's going to be a lot more than just a vast world with detail and density at every turn, Watch Dogs looks like it has serious depth to its story. As we look at Watch Dogs' storyline and the elements Ubisoft has implemented into the plot, its hard not to see how intense this game may get at times.

Human-trafficking looks like it's a major part of the storyline, from what we've seen from various trailers Ubisoft has released. Connectivity is another obvious theme that Ubisoft has been hammering home for Watch Dogs. Recently, Jonathan Morin, who is the creative director on Watch Dogs, provided his thoughts on Watch Dogs' themes and how he believes they are more relevant now than anything else they could've done.

"Watch Dogs is a game that explores the impact of technology in our society. Privacy and paranoia are indeed parts of our themes but at heart it is a look at human beings and their relation with evolution. It would be hard for us to be more relevant than we are now that is for sure.

"But when you think about it, the debate surrounding democratization of knowledge has been around forever. There’s been the emergence of printing and then public libraries. In the end, they generated debates that are in so many ways similar to the idea of controlling the internet or the discussions surrounding Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

"So while I think it is a great time to tell this story, I also believe it is the kind of themes we periodically need to be reminded of in order to make the right choices as a society. If Watch Dogs can feed the discussion even just a little I would see it as a great success," Morin said.

This is one of the first times we've really heard Ubisoft open-up about Watch Dogs' themes and the impact they hope the story of the game has. There haven't been too many details about the story either, however, with the things Morin is saying about the story, we could be in for a very, very entertaining, heart-stopping tale.

At times, open-world games can struggle with the ability to keep the main story at the forefront of players' minds, especially when you start talking about the types of side content a game can have. The balance that Ubisoft has struck between providing players with alternative activities, and making sure they don't stray too far from the main story of Watch Dogs will be extremely important.

May 27th is on its way and we'll all see just how impactful and relevant the story of Watch Dogs truly is.

Thanks, Gamestm.

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